Customer Feedback

"I am very sure that if Support Northamptonshire wasn't there to help, we would not have had reached the stage at where we are now. i.e somewhere safe to live and many ways to get more involved in the community."

Mrs.C, Wellingborough

"Thanks to them my life is back on track."

Mrs.S, Wellingborough

"My life has been transformed. In fact I can say categorically that is has been saved. I had reached the point where I was suicidal and utterly hopeless and Support Northamptonshire was the light at the end of the tunnel."

D, Wellingborough

"The level of support is just fantastic and once you have made the call and told your story they make sure they do the rest."

E, Wellingborough

"The support has been absolutely incredible and the dedication shown to help me is remarkable. Our lives are so much better now..I only had to tell my story once and I got the help that I needed to turn my life around."

S, Wellingborough