Single Point of Access

To access Support Northamptonshire, you just need to make contact with our customer service team, which is the single point of access to our services.

There are a number of ways to contact us:

· Call our single Support Northamptonshire telephone number – 01933 449377

· Visit our website or email us

· Come in and discuss your needs at Thompson Court, Wellingborough, near Morrisons

Alternatively, you may be referred to us by another agency, such as a GP, hospital, community organisation or advice centre, or one of our consortium members may contact us to refer you.

Visit the contact page for more details.

What happens next

Once you have contacted us or been referred, we will log all your details in a simple way in one place – on our single IT system, Ulysses.

We will then carry out an initial assessment and, if you have low level needs, we will provide you with support within a day.

If you have medium or higher level needs, we will liaise with our partner CATCH Team, which will agree the support you need within three to five days.

You will be given the name of one lead person who will provide you with support and we will agree with you what outcomes you want to achieve, then work with you to help achieve them. To help us do this, we can contact other agencies who may be involved with you, if required.