Our aims

The consortium has been formed to improve access to, and the provision of, services designed to promote independent living.

Its ultimate purpose is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and the overall well-being of communities in Wellingborough.

Our services are designed to prevent or delay, as far as possible, people needing more intensive care and health services.

By working in the way we do, we aim to be more effective (in producing better outcomes for customers) and more efficient (in reducing costs for ourselves and, therefore, commissioners).

Our values

Support Northamptonshire offers a customer and community-centred model of service delivery.

Customers are treated with dignity and respect at all times, and they are involved in deciding on the support they need and evaluating its effectiveness.

We take a flexible and responsive approach to supporting people to make their lives easier, build their confidence and independence, promote inclusion in their communities and enhance their well-being.

We are dedicated to working with local communities to ensure we are providing good quality, easily accessible services which meet their needs.

Members of the consortium work cooperatively to provide their unique services in a seamless coordinated package; we work with commissioners to ensure we are achieving the outcomes we have agreed to deliver.